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Workshop review – ‘How to make an effective presentation’

.ppt, The file-name extension for a Microsoft Power Point file, has become synonymous with the word Presentation. It is the most widely used tool for sharing concepts, findings, or any other information that can be presented visually.

To create an effective presentation using MS Power point, one needs to organize the information such that it is easily perceived by Audience. In other words, structured content is the key to an impactful .ppt.

Strategy for this was discussed in a workshop ‘Create an Effective Presentation’ by Aditya. Following are the key learning from the same.

As the presentation contains number of slides, it is useful to fix the titles of slides at the beginning. This helps presenter figure out a delivery method by identifying categories/segments he wants to segregate information into. After this, a general slide architecture is decided, that contains how text, media, info-graphics etc will be displayed in terms of size, positioning.

Using this approach, presenter is able to set an expectation and understanding with audience. It programs audience’s mind to receive the content, thus more efforts are spent on analyzing the content as context is already set up by the uniformity in slides.

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