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Empathy, Creativity, Rationality- Design Thinking

October 8th, 2015 by Bhavana Chopra

This third blog post comes after a long gap which talks about the workshop on design thinking by Mike Knowles. The subject line of the mailer had already generated a curiosity around this workshop and I was definitely looking forward to it.
The morning of the workshop began with a quick introduction of all of the fellows with Mike Knowles. As the session began to unfold, Mike acquainted us with the different facets of design thinking which were empathy, creativity and rationality. After some discussion rounds on the facets, there was another interesting pottery session. During the pottery session, in which we were given basic pots to work upon, I could actually correlate with the three facets of design thinking. Every time I faced an obstacle I could relate to the intensity of effort which goes into pot making.
Overall, it turned out to be an interactive session. A great business opportunity could be sensed in harnessing the knowledge and experience of skilled but uneducated labour for creating a value proposition in the businesses.

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3rd Day @ Adianta:Build your personal brand

August 26th, 2015 by Vikrant Kumar


Before I start I want to tell you all, I never think and expect that I need this type of workshop for branding myself. It was like knowing me and what I am supposed to be for achieving my Goal. It’s just ringing bell reminder for me, anyways what I learn in this workshop you will see in few days over the social media.

Antje Pfahl our mentor for “kick starting our personal brand online”, she started our session with simple questions called 5 key attributes, I think which is good start to think and relate our self with our own identity.  Then moving forward, we assigned rating about how our team mates experience us. Further there were lots of reminders and alerts for me like my strengths, weakness, achievements, failures etc. triggered me once again after very long time.

Introversive message for me which Antje asked in questionnaires is headline and key messages of Me.Inc. In which I really got chance once to write what I was thinking about myself.  Followed by mission, vision and elevator pitch and finally last and rattling was to create ideal career ending, which I never think a bit.

Over all session was excellent and looking forward to attend more booming sessions in wonderful atmosphere @ Adianta!


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The existence that matters

August 26th, 2015 by Rudraksh Awasthi

We meet a limited number of people owing to physical limitations. Village dwellers might know and meet with around 500 persons, whereas MNC employees in metro cities might know a much larger number (~2,000~5,000). Physical constraints for human association are being challenged by social networks. Platforms are connecting people to collaborate for projects, entertainment, social cause, etc. – anything and everything!

It is important to reap the benefits of these networks for a globalized human. This starts by creating an online persona, achieved by curating ones social media profiles to match the purpose it serves.

Antje Pfahl, my mentor at Adianta School, asks us to rely on deep introspection for curating our profiles. The ingenuity displayed online after deep introspection translates to strong online personal brands. After reflective sessions with Antje, we could highlight clear goals for our online persona development.

Though, It’s just the beginning for me, I can say that these networks are huge and have potential beyond human capacity to fully reap them. Someday, maybe we will have softwares tackling softwares for specific purpose. For now, apps like Twitter, fb, Youtube have created an open playing field where one’s prowess is limited only by imagination.

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Day 3 : Personal Branding

August 25th, 2015 by Anurag Singh

Day 3 @Adianta with Antje Pfahl was all about Personal Branding. It was an introspective day which made us think more about us, our strengths, weaknesses, achievements & failures. We all might have done this exercise at some point or the other in our lives, so what was so special about this  workshop?

To begin with, we were given a questionnaire and a canvas. The first question asked us to pick 5 key attributes which define each one of us the best and we had to explain why we picked those. This particular question set the tone for the questions to follow as all of us wore our ‘Thinking Cap’ before moving on to the next questions. Following questions asked us to list our strengths, weaknesses, biggest achievement, & biggest failure. Questions about our biggest achievement & biggest failure had to complimented with factors which led to respective results.


Next set of questions asked us to pen down our Mission Statement & Elevator Pitch. While Mission Statement  made us rethink the purpose of our lives, the Elevator Pitch made us pitch ourselves in the most precise manner possible. Highlight of the questionnaire was the last question where we had to write “How would you end your career?” The best thing about this question was that it made me realise what would I want to achieve before putting my an end to my career. This would help me track the way backward and move towards my goal

These questions involved both modes of thought namely, fast & slow. Whenever we list our strengths, achievement, etc, we are generally instinctive about  them but these questions made us think slowly and hence more logically. After we got done with these questions, we had to put our answers on the canvas which was given to us in the beginning.

We also got to know how industry leaders showcase themselves on various platforms. It’s really important because nowadays people meet each other online more often than not. Hence, it’s crucial to portray  yourself in the best way possible because as they say “First impression is the last impression”!

All in all, it was a wonderful day to be at Adianta. I had never been more insightful about myself before this session. Kudos Antje! Looking forward to the Jugaad workshop!




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