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The hardest part of the job is to play

All study no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well what if Jack was a wannapreneur? It would not only make him dull but leave his ideas die too before even coming to life. We all have so many ideas in our heads which may or may not solve the problems we take up completely. But these ‘may nots’ often kill the ‘mays’ and we jump from one idea to next before trying out the previous one; the reason being generally is to find a bit more certainty of success in what we finally do or sometimes more innovation or creativity in our ideas. And in all this expectation of finding a solution that looks perfect in its ideation, we forget to start. We forget that innovation and creativity can’t come out of the blue from ideation; they need a ground to grow and we have to prepare that ground first with even the minimal resource and skill that we have. That We must give our ideas a try; that we must play even if we aren’t sure to win.

We learnt this lesson in the paper prototyping workshop given by Akshat Raghava at ASLI. The whole day struggle with the paper and tools made us realize how easy it is to ideate the perfect solution but how difficult it is to put it together. Perfect solutions or the most innovative ones require a lot of skill, precision and time. I completely failed at first while putting together the grand scheme of plan that I ideated for my prototype and learnt how I should have started small and iterated to reach the better alternatives. So I started all over again, this time with one idea at a time learning from the small failures that I met at various steps. We also realized how difficult it’s to create something even if it is just with paper and required consistent effort and patience of learning; and why we we must keep on playing with the hands instead of our heads in order to make smaller mistakes and learn from them.

We must give our ideas life in our hands before they die in our head.

We may see it like this: Ideas are eager to come to the life and breathe in the real world and a wannapreneur’s job is to play with those ideas. It’s the hardest part of his job but is the only rewarding one. He can afford to fail but not to miss the slightest chance of success and to make sure he doesn’t, he must keep playing and learning. The harder he plays, the more he learns. Of course, not all ideas are worth playing with but we never know which ones are worthy before we try them at least once. We must think before going ahead with an idea but not over think. Over thinking often kills not only the idea but also our opportunity to learn from our mistakes and become better. The mantra to fail fast is to be remembered and I would also add what I learnt that we must fail small in order to succeed big.

We should not compromise with our ideas until we see them failing. And this requires that we keep testing our ideas because that’s what is needed to reach the best solutions -iterations; you need to leave behind all the mediocre ones to reach the best.
As Niel Bohr puts it – An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that could be made in that field.

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