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The Fire

It was a spark that became a fire, I as a young kid used to look at the things in a different way and wonder why nobody is doing anything about the problems of pollution, environmental threats and state of technology.  The mind always used to look for the solutions to see the desired change, that urge to make everyone’s lives better and empower people with innovative products has turned into fire and has led to leave the job in marketing research. This burning desire has actually taken the center place now and driving me to go off track.

That’s why I chose the different route and came to Adianta to become active member of its innovative education system so that I learn from that and develop solutions backed by innovation. Innovation is the key for development and whatever we see around us is the result of these over the time, thanks to inventors and leaders to make that possible. So, to ideate and implement on the next generation of products and ideas, I needed a space surrounded with intellectuals and change-makers, Adianta is serving it well. The Learning system at Adianta is different from the conventional ones and very well aligned with the needs of current startup culture, that’s what I appreciate. So, I look forward to see the transition in the next 12 months and achieve the goals and fulfill the fire from the early stage of my life.

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