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Tea+Blogs = Bliss!

A day with captivating, intriguing reads and warm tea is a bliss. And there we were discussing the various structures, the parallelism, the methodology people use to blog and get their ideas out there. Ms.Usha brought in stirring blogs from a wide spectrum of area for us to ponder over. We were also asked to get pieces that intrigued us.

I wanted to go light on it so took up a blog by bloggess about blogging (it is like a mini inception).

Her style is blatant and conveys message wrapped in sarcasm and tons of humour. (

There was one interesting read on “Of Love,Stalking, and Raanjhanaas in Bollywood shared by Himashree (the free spirit). And the exact thoughts were flaming in my mind. Why is stalker demeanor deemed or taken as lover traits. How is coerced into a relationship accepted as ‘love’?

Sigh I could go on and on.  (

There was another blog Mohammed (the I-don’t-give-eye-contact-to-curtail-later-query) shared, where it says eliminate all the ‘’Yeah buts, in life and just travel”.(

Pankaj (the to-be revolutionary) shared one on prostitution and how women ache to escape its shackles.(

And another by Himangshu (our silent observer) on silence J(

We had reviews, first draft, second draft and more drafts; definitely an eye opener to a whole new world of style and voice of your own.


Links for the blogs Ms.Usha shared:





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