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Social Media and Personal Branding

It’s the Era of Social Media- The internet 2.0, social media plays a very crucial for disseminating information throughout the network. Our profiles on these network give us the identity on that platform which is created by the information provided by us to showcase ourselves. The information includes some simple details of us like name, age, location, interests, education or work history and by using these keywords anyone can find us there by simple search. Person finding us online can connect to us by having a look on our profile and activities on the network, these activities become more helpful in connecting the people especially when they share the same interest or background. So, Its how social media and information provided by us helps in connecting to our friends and networks online.

The branding of products makes more sense in the days of marketing and competition, it is simply used to differentiate one’s brand from another. Personal branding in the same way helps in setting us different from other people online, by providing the information in a different way and just by the different online activities we differentiate ourselves and make our brand strong than others. Our online activities helps in setting the image of us in the mind of others who check our profile. So, on the network like linkedin, facebook and twitter the people has ample amount of knowledge of our brand that stays online. And on that basis as well recruiters hire people as it helps them mapping our skills, interests, causes and our personality in all. So what we do to improve our brand some tips are- updating the status, sharing information and useful articles, tagging friends online & using hashtags, starting the conversation on a topic, updating profile description once in 3 months, integrating the profiles on different platforms, writing the blog posts and express your thoughts. These activities help in making a good brand of ours online if we follow the routine, services such as and twitter analytics also help in checking our expression, it is also has to be done regularly to see the results. So, Its all with personal branding for now, will come with more tips and useful articles online, thanks for reading.

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