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Marketing with Twitter Lists

Twitter is not just a social network, its an informational network and a network haven for businesses. Twitter lists can grab the interest of people you most want to meet, help you make a great first impression and also help you with marketing segmentation. So how do these Twitter lists work?

Twitter lists create a separate lists of people. If you haven’t already used Twitter lists then here is a video to see how you can get started.

The two interesting points to remember about Twitter lists are:

  • You don’t need to “follow” people on Twitter to add them to your lists
  • You can have both private and public lists

There’s not much space to brand yourself on your Twitter profile page.  You do have space for a few words in the bio box and you can add in background graphics.  But you can also add another dimension to your branding by carefully crafting your public Twitter lists.

Choose appropriate names for your lists
Spend some time finding the best name for your list.  There are a few things to keep in mind when naming your Twitter lists:

  • Engage the right people.  You’ll get more people interested in looking at your list if the name sparks their interest.
  • Remember to communicate with everyone.  Don’t limit your audience.  The right name could help you reach more of the people you want to connect with.
  • The SEO bonus.  Another reason to think about how you label your lists is for search engine optimization (SEO).  Look at the screenshot below.  This Twitter list is in a good position in Google search results for a competitive keyword.

Courtesy: Social Media Examiner

As you build up a following on Twitter, your followers will be interested in your Twitter lists. The choice of Twitter lists found on your Twitter home page is important for engaging with  people.Twitter’s list feature can add some extra marketing power to your Twitter strategy if you take some time to get it right.  You also need to find the right way to make your lists work for you.  This will depend on your goals for Twitter, your audience and how they like to connect with you.

What are your thoughts about Twitter lists? How are you using them?  Do you regularly follow other lists? Please share your thoughts below. 



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