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Making sense of being on Online Social Network #Workaloud

As today we can easily notice that most of the internet users in India have a social media accounts, at least they have one on facebook. The world itself is witnessing the change in the internet penetration as it has increased by 7.9% in the year 2014(July 1), whereas India has shown the rise of 14% for the same period. So, we can say that this globally more people coming and joining internet and social network because of increased connectivity, availability of smartphones, ease of use and sense of getting connected to friends etc. And what are they doing there- they take selfies and pictures of friends, posting status about personal and professional life, posting and tweeting about new places, friend’s marriage and restaurants etc. and we see a large section of our wall filled with same stuff every other day. And we see the quality of these posts and shares depends on the network and friends we have.

We altogether have different interests and tastes, some may like scoopwhoop, trollers or some like political parties or religious issues and some just only like, comment & share the knowledgeable piece from the web or give their own insights. The people who share the informative piece and help others to know about different issues usually get more followers and good comments than a guy posting on absurd topics. And we tend to follow those who give us some good ideas and food for thought and in return we share their views on our network as well that may lead to the increased followers of ours as well, for example on twitter for such cases. Then it becomes our responsibility to share the valuable and well thought pieces as we all need something new every other day to think and act upon. So a guy who really has a good stuff can spread it further to the network and can bring about change in the people’s views and to bring awareness to a cause and solution to any problem just as we have seen in the ALS Ice bucket challenge and campaigns like Clean India (Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan). It proves that any positive content shared by an active and reliable person on his network can go a long way and can make a bigger impact. So to make the most of our social media existence we should share the positive and progressive content with our normal routine of posting selfies as well. We should feel free to share our views as well to exercise our freedom of speech, we may face negative comments and feedback but that’s only for the time being. But Yes, Caution Ahead express to the point where you are not trespassing others area of privacy, otherwise our country has seen the arrests of authors of some offensive posts and on their views on sensitive issues as well.

So here on the second day at Adianta i.e. #Laptopparty we learned the basics of Social media, using twitter, Livetweeting and #Workaloud etc. Twitter is very effective way to say yourself, we should follow some really sensible people rather than just being there for following celebrities. Please comment if you like or have something to say about the today’s blog, I would be happy to see that.

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