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Posted by in Anirban Ghosh, Cohort 2014-15 | 1 comment

Hofesh Shechter Company


I have been a big fan of dance troupes led by percussionists (have been intrigued and amazed in the past by Spanish flamenco dance troupes that have amazing tap dancers accompanied by superb flamenco musicians). This time around, after I got a call from the British Council to organize a percussion workshop for this traveling dance company called the Hofesh Shechter Company, I was kinda thrilled to know that ill be meeting a percussionist who leads a dance company! I did some research and with my ‘newly acquired social media skills’, i tried creating an interesting storymap for these guys (Its a really great tool to work on once you get the hang of it). Hope ya’ll like it.

And by the way, The Hofesh Shechter Dance Company is performing their piece Political Mother at Kamani Auditorium on the 9th of September’14. So don’t miss it for anything.:).

More details about the event can be found here –  British Council India.

Till then, enjoy Hofesh Shechter Company’s storymap (Courtesy Knightlab’s Storymap app)

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