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Empathy, Creativity, Rationality- Design Thinking

This third blog post comes after a long gap which talks about the workshop on design thinking by Mike Knowles. The subject line of the mailer had already generated a curiosity around this workshop and I was definitely looking forward to it.
The morning of the workshop began with a quick introduction of all of the fellows with Mike Knowles. As the session began to unfold, Mike acquainted us with the different facets of design thinking which were empathy, creativity and rationality. After some discussion rounds on the facets, there was another interesting pottery session. During the pottery session, in which we were given basic pots to work upon, I could actually correlate with the three facets of design thinking. Every time I faced an obstacle I could relate to the intensity of effort which goes into pot making.
Overall, it turned out to be an interactive session. A great business opportunity could be sensed in harnessing the knowledge and experience of skilled but uneducated labour for creating a value proposition in the businesses.

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