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Cohort 2014 Convocation: Hopes for a new beginning

It is said that those who are loved never go away and the cohort 2014 being the first child of Adianta School is obvious to be the most special of all. It is not that the successors will be loved less, but I think all of us have an affection for the firsts – first love, first car, first home and Adianta School is no exception.

So here I am attending the convocation for the cohort 2014

6:17 pm : Aditya Dev Sood begins the convocation ceremony. Dressed in his graduation robe he welcomed the Guest of Honours Prof. C. RajKumar, spearheading O.P. Jindal Global University and Dr. Subhash Bijlani, Professor & Professor of Practice at University of Maryland University College.

6:21pm : Prof. C. Rajkumar, a strong believer in institution building, complimented and congratulated the graduating batch for trusting Adianta School and living the change that India is witnessing today. Institution building in itself is a difficult process. In a country like India it is very difficult to start a private endeavour especially when it comes to sectors like education. But if you have the resources, aspirations and expertise you can create examples like Adianta School and O.P. Jindal University. He quoted Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy and encouraged the students to simultaneously face security and scepticism.

6:28 pm : Aditya began the felicitation by appreciating Sugatha Balagopal and Himangshu Dash. Due to certain commitments they could not make it to the event. Mohammed Qureshi was felicitated by the Guests of honour

6:33 pm : Aditya rolled the cogwheels to the future and the cohort 2015 began introducing themselves. With different aspirations, dreams and expectations, these budding entrepreneurs began to explain their own reasons for joining the school.

6:40 pm : Aditya took us back to the time when Adianta School was not born. Two years back, when in the Design Public Conclave, the participants came up with an idea to integrate design and business pedagogy. Aditya also said that global higher education has to undergo a disruption and Adianta School is trying to propel that disruption.

6:48 pm : Aditya then spoke about the future aspirations and said that we are doing the best thing we could do. But we look forward to investment in technology to felicitate learning anywhere, anytime. The vision is thus, to take learning interactions to every knock and corner. He then introduced everyone to a new initiative of Adianta School, the Startup Tunnel and welcomed people in its inauguration ceremony.

In the end, farewells always leave one with wry. When on the one hand it marks an end to a scenario then at the same time it opens the dorrs for a new future and creates space for new footsteps to be printed on the same sands of time.

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