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Trusting our Choices

November 7th, 2014 by Shashanka Rekulapalli

Trust is something which humans implicitly seek when they go about performing actions, whether in themselves or on the externals. This permeates into every single action of a persons life. Consider a simple instance in a person’s daily routine, in the morning, brushing of teeth is dependent on his trust that the brush he uses will clean his teeth and the toothpaste he uses will keep mouth fresh and healthy. The person’s trust in the brush and paste has been managed by the consumer company who created a subconscious desire in the person that he has to use these to get the desired effect. I believe that this behavior has spread into all areas of human interaction.

Companies and organisations have made it so prevalent that the overwhelming majority believe that it is the reality. People are being made to believe that they are the ones who decide what they get. Unfortunately it is that, people are just given that impression. People are influenced into desiring and then these desires are catered to by these very same companies. Now I must be sounding like one of those anti-capitalist activists decrying the invasion of capitalists into our daily life. But it is reality. We consumers are being forced out of our choices which we seemingly are making out of our own volition.

As a customer of the Indian Democratic system, after having watched recently a documentary called “The Century of the Self” , I fear the same could have entered the Indian political scene. Recent elections have been fought on a high tempo. And most of the efforts of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) went into making the voter feel that he is going to be a part of their future government decision making process. Whether this is going to happen or not is open for debate as the future is not here yet. The documentary focuses on how the collective has been dismantled to cater to the individuals. This has the potential for breaking down the aeons old beliefs in the strengths of being united or more pertinently, in the strengths of collective bargaining. When we lose this, we expose ourselves to corrosion, and once corroded, there is no getting back unless we are willing to replace the whole structure, which will entail great costs.

In all this gloomy sense, we may still have a chance to be a collective. Protests all over the world are signs that the collective still exists and we need to enable these to enter our mainstream again. Our choices have to be ours in the true sense and they need to be collective ones.

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Remember ! Remember !

September 12th, 2014 by Shashanka Rekulapalli

Are you unable to remember the game-changing, blockbuster idea you had while having lunch with a client? or the one you had while taking a shower? Do not despair, you are not alone, infact you are in the majority group of people who keep forgetting the ideas they get. But this is the one of the few aspects, where it is good to be in the minority of those who can recollect theirs. Many people face difficulties on a regular basis when it comes to remembering their moments of brilliance and as Paul McCartney put it “If you can’t remember them, they are no good” . (more…)

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Folk Dance

September 11th, 2014 by Shashanka Rekulapalli

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Folk Dance” ? Surely most of us club it with culture, tribes, entertainment and even political gestures because that is when we hear of a folk dance in the news because some celebrity is taking part in it. Upon deeper research, you may get to aspects such as a celebration of life, seasons, religion, etc. Amongst all these ideas of a folk dance, much deeper aspects are lost. I had an enlightening moment recently.

I had attended a performance by The Hofesh Shecter Company, a very energetic dance-drama troupe. They were performing one of their most famous acts, called ‘Political Mother’. Somewhere near the end, they lit up these words “Where there is pressure, there is folkdance”. (more…)

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An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

September 7th, 2014 by Shashanka Rekulapalli

Social Entrepreneurship according to me cannot be given a tight fitting definition. Entrepreneurship requires us to be the initiators of new ventures, very often innovative in their working. But this does not exclude those who are trying to make models copied from some other country work. Everybody who works towards an end and has taken upon themselves to achieve that can be called an entrepreneur.

A social entrepreneur by extension has to have societal betterment as their final end, irrespective of the field they have chosen to make an impact on. This loose definition though gives us a good idea about what the whole thing is about. Yes, it is about bringing positive change in the ways of life of people. If successful, maybe impact in the millions of people. Is there more to social entrepreneurship than the above? I believe there is more it. (more…)

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