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The Century of the Self by Adam Curtis

October 30th, 2014 by Satya Manoj

Adam Curtis didn’t hold back in making this very powerful and gripping 4 series documentary called ‘The Century of the Self‘. I had the opportunity to watch the fourth part of the series at Adianta a couple of days back. The documentary was so arresting that I watched the whole series in a marathon after coming home. It was too much information and my brain was overflowing with it. The series explores the evolving concept of individual self in the twentieth century.

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Building and burning the Ravana on Dussehra

October 10th, 2014 by Satya Manoj

The festival of Dussehra was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal at our Adianta School for leadership and Innovation (ASLI). The exuberant and vibrant festivities of Dussehra are celebrated in many different ways across the country based on various regional and cultural legends attached with it. In North India, it marks the occasion of Lord Sri Rama’s victory over the demon king of Lanka, Ravana in a war to rescue his wife Sita. In East India, it is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Goddess Durga over a demon named Mahishasura.
Everyone at ASLI were very excited when it was decided in our weekly Sabha that we would be taking charge of building Ravana’s effigy and then burning it. When I was a kid, my parents would take me for the Ramlila held near home. But this time I was a part of our own Ramlila event here at the campus. (more…)

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Professional Obituary Satya Manoj

September 29th, 2014 by Satya Manoj

Critical writing workshop last week dealt about writing your own professional obituary. Namit Arora, our faculty asked us to imagine that we have reached the end of our professional life. Now we look back and reflect on our achievements. The build up to the ultimate exercise was very interesting where we discussed things like what measures of success and rewards should we value, and what might it cost us to get there.


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Jugaad-India’s Precious Resource

September 15th, 2014 by Satya Manoj

‘Jugaad’ is a term which means a lot to India than the rest of the world. The ideology of Jugaad was not new to me, it’s just that I didn’t actually realize it. We had a Jugaad workshop about building a lamp and I have learnt a lot from that. Trying to understand the concept and applying it in real time has allowed me to develop a different perspective towards frugal innovation. (more…)

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