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Myths of child labour in India

November 27th, 2014 by Rajib Biswas

1. Children must work because of poverty.

Poverty, it is not the only reason, or as important as many people may think. Poverty is too often used as an excuse for child labour, while exploitation of children in poverty lures millions of them to hazardous and intolerable forms of child labour. It is a common myth that child labour will never be eliminated until poverty disappears.


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A psychopath or an entrepreneur?

October 7th, 2014 by Rajib Biswas

At a recent workshop on critical writing by Namit Arora we had a discussion on how an entrepreneur shows certain trait of a psychopath. It underlines why a psychopathic tendency is good for an entrepreneur or a leader. (more…)

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Jugaad- A frugal innovation

September 1st, 2014 by Rajib Biswas

We recently attended the Jugaad workshop in Adianta, where we were told to make a lamp using limited resources. It gave us some insights to unique approach to innovation called jugaad. This approach is common in markets like India, China and in various African community.

Jugaad is a hindi word which literally means an innovative fix. An ingenious improvised solution using limited resources. Its perhaps most primitive approach to innovation in India. When we think of jugaad we think of making of stuff in last minutes, an nonstructural approach to innovation. It is frugal, flexible and quite democratic. Jugaad builds a creative confidence in our mind.  (more…)

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Creative writing

August 25th, 2014 by Rajib Biswas

This morning we had a writing workshop by Usha Alexander. This workshop was about you and your writing goals. There is no set genre ,and there is no set off theme. Its simply about you and where you want to go with your words.
We read an understood the parallel sentence structure in Francis Baycon’s, the father of English essay.
How important is the opening line? We played opening lines assignment among the cohort.
Is writing a skill, that every innovative people should have, to persuade their thoughts?

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