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Impact of focus group on Leadership

October 31st, 2014 by V. Chaitanya Krishna

We all received a buzz mail invitation about the screening of Part 4 Adam Curtis’ ‘The Century of the Self’ documentary to be played on Wednesday morning. I thought we will be shown some documentary about start-up’s or about work management etc. But as soon as the documentary got played and moved around the matters of diplomacy and politics, initially i was wondered that why this kind documentary related to political governance and diplomacy was shown now but later, i realized that the documentary was not only about the political and diplomatic affairs of leaders like tony blair and Clinton but also to create the intuition about the necessity and impact of Focus Group approach on leadership in any Field/Sector. (more…)

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Professional Biography

October 30th, 2014 by V. Chaitanya Krishna

Professional Biography:-

The following is my professional biography written during the Critical writing workshop taught by Mrs.Usha Alexander. Which enabled us to observe and discuss different biographies and their styles of writing followed by writing our professional biography and peer review and corrections by Usha alexander.

Here is my professional biography.

V Chaitanya Krishna, a budding entrepreneur

Chaitanya laid the foundation for his career as a chemist in a consultant environmental laboratory in Hyderabad, where he assisted experts in environmental research. His interest in environmental issues are the culmination of a lifelong interest in nature and research, beginning in his childhood, raised in remote villages where he encountered environmentl issues like waste management. His early career taught him about maintaining good customer relationships and project management skills.
This career experience lead to a confidence, which helped him to continue his career in another renowned laboratory and consultancy, a subsidiary of Bhagavati Analytical Laboratories, as a Trainee Environmental Engineer. Here he gained exposure to international clients like Vicat, My Home and others. His interest in environmental business developed during this tenure inspired him to pursue a diploma in HSE at NIFS (National Diploma in Health Safety and Environment), followed by a BBA.
Chaitanya was placed as a HSE Manager of Key Accounts at Hindustan Coca Cola facilities and worked on NIFS projects in three different sites in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, managing around 20 contractors’ HSE portfolios and his own team of four safety executives. His team successfully achived their zero safety incident target by coordinating the project managers, safety managers, and others. But after two and a half years, he realized that he wanted the freedom to build things on his own. He then left the organization and paved his path towards setting up his own energy enterprise at Karimnagar and simultaneously working on developing his own product for industrial workmen and heart patients that allows them to hear while preventing exposure to overly loud noises.
Striking out on his own has allowed him to enjoy the freedom to develop his own ideas without leaving his education behind. He has continued to acquire certifications like the IOSH MS and the NEBOSH IGC from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. These opportunites, along with his current fellowship at Adianta School of Leadership and Innovation enable him to explore the frontiers of knowledge and develop the research and thinking skills necessary to become a successful techno-entrepreneur, as he continues his professional journey.

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My first Jugaad

October 1st, 2014 by V. Chaitanya Krishna

My first Jugaad:

Jugaad is the most commonly heard word in India, which became a part of India’s, typical frugal innovation methodology and often considered as a solution for the issues faced by the grass root organizations with limited resource.  Our Jugaad workshop held on 29th of August was been conducted not only to purchase materials from chandini chowk , nearby areas and assemble them to build a lamp, but also to enhance the knowledge of product design and development.

14083688602_d5ae728101_zThis was my first Jugaad ever, executed hands on, individually and enabled me to gain insights of product design, product development and product integrity etc. My first Jugaad assignment  began with material purchasing at  chandini chowk and led me through all the challenges and phases of product development that eventually helped me in learning many new things and skills apart from my mistakes made during the development.

My Jugaad experience was so exciting and made me to know the fact that any “entrepreneur aspirant or a product development enthusiast, must have a deep understanding of essential elements in product development in order to make his product a useful, successful and user desired product”.


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21 Resources that Makes Better Entrepreneur;by Jayson Demers

August 30th, 2014 by V. Chaitanya Krishna
Digital Media Marketing

Digital Media Marketing

21 Resources to Make You a Better Entrepreneur by Jayson Demer:

During the long engaging session of digital media marketing workshop by nasar ul hadi on Thursday, i was pondering, how social media, various applications and other web resources were been useful to build a brand image by the start ups and other entrepreneurs and then i recollected the article written by James Demers that correlates the discussions of nasar ul hadi, read by me on, from one of the random Facebook posts of my friends that gave a complete picture of digital media resources that can make one a better entrepreneur by building their brand image as an individual or as an organization. Here are 21 places one should be looking to learn new things about your industry, as well as different facets of running a business that were narrated by  James Demers.

Blogs. You’ve gotta love blogs. They provide really insightful information most of the time, without charging a dime. You can learn everything from how to use social media, marketing your business, to the latest news in your industry.

Not every blog is awesome, so when you find one that delivers real value, bookmark it or add it to your RSS feed. Here are a few picks you might find useful:

1. Search Engine Land: One of the reasons I love contributing here is the diversity of entrepreneur-related content, as well as insightful, breaking news and analysis regarding search-engine marketing.

2. Small Business Trends: Aimed directly at small-business owners, this blog covers company spotlights and hands-on how-to advice.

3. Social Media Examiner: If it’s possible to do on social media, there’s already a blog post about it here. Useful if you’re doing your own marketing.

MOOCs. No, it’s not a derogatory term. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses, which are free to take. Universities all over the globe offer online courses on every imaginable topic, including business. Try these sites to start:

4. Coursera: It offers more than 700 courses, including those on data analysis and mobile-cloud computing.

5. Udemy: Learn about Bitcoin, business strategy or 15,998 other topics.

6. MOOC List: Comprehensive list of all available MOOC courses across multiple platforms.

Whitepapers and eBooks. Looking for a little more knowledge than a blog post can provide? Whitepapers and ebooks go in-depth on a topic and can be consumed quickly. Some are free (just expect to have to provide your email address to access them), while others are pretty affordable.

7. QuickSprout: Here you’ll find personal expertise from world-renowned marketing expert and extremely successful entrepreneur, Neil Patel.

8. HubSpot: The company’s giveaways might be more popular than their marketing software. Current offerings include ebooks on Facebook marketing, SEO and content marketing.

9. Kindle Unlimited: If you’re an avid reader, Amazon’s new service can help you digest more digital books without paying full price.

Webinars. Everyone learns differently. If you like videos and interacting with your teachers, look for online webinars, both live and recorded, as valuable teaching tools. Again, some of these will be free, but the real value will be found in the ones that charge even a nominal fee.

10. Google Hangouts: Search for whatever you want to learn more about and join a Hangout on Air. The Hangouts are recorded and posted to YouTube, in case you miss the live stream.

11. BizLaunch: This company hosts regular free webinars for entrepreneurs on topics such as email marketing, SEO and social media.

12. SCORE: Here you’ll find excellent information on the basics, such as how to start a nonprofit or negotiate a commercial lease.

Twitter chats. If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat, you’ll be surprised how quickly they go by and how much you can learn. But don’t worry if you can’t take it all in in real time. You can always scroll back through the participating tweets (designated with a specific hashtag) and take notes later.

13. #SmallBizChat: Held each Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, this chat covers the gamut of topics relevant to small-business owners.

14. #BlogChat: One of the largest Twitter chats, this one has an impressive lineup of social media, content marketing and small-business experts Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

15. #B2BChat: Learn from business-to-business experts and network on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

LinkedIn groups. Another spot on social media that can provide plenty of fodder for your brain are LinkedIn groups. There’s one on every topic under the sun, so sign up for a few and start ingesting.

16. On Startups: Run by Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot, this group provides insightful articles from entrepreneurs.

17. Sales Best Practices: Beef up your sales skills by joining this group, filled with sales pros and business owners.

18. Succeed: Small Business Network, Powered by Staples: This group includes a nice mix of entrepreneurs with different sized businesses.

Videos. If you prefer video to written content, you’ve got plenty of educational content to watch on various video distribution channels.

19. YouTube: It’s not just for cute cat videos! YouTube offers channels such as Small Business Television Network and Small Business Building with how-to content.

20. Videolla: An up-and-comer, this site offers really specific advice, such as “how to pitch to investors in under two minutes.”

21. With more than 10,000 live channels going on at a given moment, you’re sure to find business content you can use.

While I listed general small-business and entrepreneur resources, you can also look for Twitter chats, ebooks and webinars in your own industry. Look for industry associations and organizations that may offer free or for-a-fee educational content.

Don’t get overwhelmed with so many options, though. Put the resources you want to explore on your calendar, assess two or three a month, then dedicate time to really dive in and see what’s there. While it will require some time investment, you’ll be rewarded with knowledge.


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