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Helping Elderly People, For Profit Social Venture

August 26th, 2014 by Abhay Nandan

Empowering Elderly people

Helping the elderly and gaining more than their blessings.

We are all a little more concerned about our parents when we are not with them and somehow our professional careers don’t allow us to be together at all times. They are not ready to leave their sweet home town, where they have been staying for years. But, sadly this home town does not give us charming prospects for our future. Few go abroad, some to metros, and the others keep wasting their life in traveling for any marketing job but very few get the opportunity to be with their parents when they need them the most. (more…)

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CEO, Tech Start-up Does the CEO Of A New Tech Start-up Need to Know the Coding?

August 18th, 2014 by Abhay Nandan

CEO, Tech Start-up

Does the CEO Of A New Tech Start-up Need to Know the Coding?

This is a big question now a day when a number of Tech start-ups are popping up every day and young entrepreneurs ready to put their shoe in this booming sector. Few tech geeks blindly go for a big YES and others without a technical background, a plain NO.

Unfortunately the answer to this question is not as logical as coding, and falls somewhere in between a big YES and plain NO. A CEO ‘The God Father’ of a company is bound to handle each and every affair related to his business weather its product development, product launch, marketing, after sales ,fund raising and a lot more. A single ace of all these fields is really hard to find and certainly can’t be imported from any other planet.

Considering a broader picture, all the organizations, start-ups, industry is basically a set of functions and each function is guided by a set of logic so a prime requisite for a CEO is “to be logical” not necessarily “technical”. He must be able to understand the logic behind coding if not the technology, because technology changes every day and it seems unjust to put all the focus on technical aspects neglecting other dimensions. The base of all coding is a flow chart which is simply an array of structured logic. Not only the technical team but all the teams and employees of a company search a leader in their CEO ,they want him compassionate, supportive, decisive, tough, a quick learner, thinker and super logical.

Go forward with a holistic approach, try to polish the leader within you, stand straight in storms because it’s the attitude which makes a CEO “The God Father”, all the technicalities are just a part of his big aura.


Let a CEO become God Father












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Community Roof Top Farming

August 14th, 2014 by Abhay Nandan

In the recent few years we have witnessed few major problems bubbling out in our economy and is drastically effecting our lives. Inflation, unemployment and global warming are few prime among that. Here is a probable business model which can cater these three problems to some extent and can generate enough profit. (more…)

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Blogging —–a technically disabled perspective

August 13th, 2014 by Abhay Nandan

So it is a day when a technically disabled learns about a blog. Can’t say it was great fun as tech again laughing on my face but definitely interesting. Most of our friends have finished their first blogging so mine must be compared with their previous one .At Adianta every one seems to be a genius all the students, faculty and other employees except the ostrich who is writing this blog. It’s not the topic which made today’s class interesting but Akshay’s way of teaching .As I don’t know much about blogging and it will take some time to dug it deeper only then the topic will be of any relevance to me.

Soon you will see me with some really interesting blogs .Till then bye.


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