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Field Data Analysis & Synthesis, Analysis Tools – Customisation to Solve Complex Challenges When would you do it and How?

October 8th, 2013 by Mohammed Qureshi

Solving complex challenges requires one to be resourceful and innovate. Hence, there is no one track way of attacking these challenges, thus the need for customization arises.

I feel after understanding, synthesizing and condensing data/information it should be represented in a coherent and easy to understand manner. For this info graphics is a great tool. I attempted designing a simple info graphic for the qualitative data that was collected from the field visit to the flower market. This slide is from the introduction and it is just setting the scene of the market. This image gives an idea of the time the investigation happened, the number of shops that were doing business then and the peak business hours of the market. (more…)

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There is No Tomorrow. It’s Now.

September 4th, 2013 by Mohammed Qureshi

“Now… bring me that horizon.”

The first Pirates of the Caribbean film concludes with actor Johnny Depp’s character – Captain Jack Sparrow saying these lines. Pirate Lord Jack Sparrow has just about survived an adventure on the seas and now is asking fate or destiny to throw yet another challenge, another mission to him. I deeply connect with Jack on this attribute. (more…)

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