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Posted by in Cohort 2014-15, Kirubakaran Reddy | 0 comments

Can the blog be a learning tool online for students ?

This is going to be my first blog post In the past years I heard lot of blog, blogging and the fancy term blogger and people who blog regularly get credibility among people etc.. but till this time I used to read blog gain knowledge and share it with others but I didn’t think of writing one. Today at adianta school for leadership & Innovation the time come for me to write a blog post.

Let’s look at what basic terms in this context say about

Blog – Online Diary – Medium to record personal opinions & Experiences

Blogging – Art of posting content/comment on blog

Blogger – A Person who keeps online diary and updates regularly

As terms clearly indicates blog helps students to write, share and collaborate with others to get different view points from others who is not in his/her class. The student can share anything like experience of attending a lecture to working with a group on a research journal or project

Blogging is the art of posting content online which should attracts others to read and share their opinions on students projects/experiences this makes students to think creatively this also brings better interaction among the fellow students and faculties to share more about the topic or get feedback on it. This also improves the students critical writing skills and peer engagement.

Blogging skills makes students read more and more about the topic he/she gonna publish which makes them think and understand the topic which they are working on.

Education is all about “learning by doing” every government in India is introduced or thinking of introducing learning by doing curriculum in schools and colleges in my opinion Blogging should be part of that curriculum.

Blogging makes students

Think Creatively

Improves interaction with faculty

Creates a habit of recording activities

Improve Critical writing skills

Making them learn new approaches to problem

Collaborate effectively with peers

Improves Reading habits.

Compare to other social media sites where the student gets distracted towards to various irrelevant posts. Blog can be it should be an effective medium for learning for new generation students in schools and colleges.

What do you guys think? Is it a better tool for your children?

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