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Blog or Not to Blog?

Blog or not-to-blog. Who would read my blog? What people would think about my blog? What if someone stole my idea?

These questions usually comes up in mind when someone starts writing blogs and that happened same with me. These questions have prodded me too for long.

I wrote my first blog in 2010 but had to take it down as my team had  some issues with it. Then I started with my personal blog, about things that interest me which you can find it here at; but its all stale and stagnant. I started well, started sharing my all experiences but I don’t know what happened suddenly that stopped me. I can come up with many excuses but the fact was that I got lazy and lost interest in writing and sharing.

And now, as the program at Adianta kick-started, the foremost workshop that we had was on BLOGGING. So what’s so important about Blogs?

We discussed that a BLOG is medium to share information, experiences, ideas and much more with the World. People around us do have a great appetite for information that they like, value. Read more here.

So why not to BLOG? Put your thoughts, ideas and all embrace the world of sharing knowledge. But to write something, one needs to feed himself with good information, and that one does by following Blogs of other people like great visionaries, scientists or whoever that appeals you. Its a process of sharing information that keeps alive and updated.

But how could BLOG help our Higher Education System?

There was a time when it took long for people to share information. Print media, radios etc. are all have been over powered by the mighty internet. We have all sorts of data available. Previously, we used log registers for labs, using instruments etc and when this same trend went online, it took the shape of Web LOGs, hence BLOGS.

Now, a student located in USA could simply discuss his prior research through a blog which a student located anywhere in the world could access and collaborate. There are innumerable points to showcase the benefits of Blogs in higher education system that I would put under following heads to make simple and crisp-

  1. Students – they could follow any renowned scientist/ writer and keep them updated with latest happenings in their fields and learn from the mistakes/ hit-trial errors and much more. They could also collaborate with potential project partners.
  2. Teachers – they could get their hands on the latest techniques of teachings by following other great professors. They could learn from the mistakes what others made. Every scientific journal starts as a blog and could help teachers to get feedback and rectify easily and in a much faster way.
  3. Curriculum- teachers and administrators could design a better curriculum by following what has been taught in what part of world from the blogs. The flexible credit system, semester abroad programs could be designed in a much by discussing over blog forums. It also benefits Govt. Bodies to keep themselves updated with discussions on new educational policies going around.

There is NO end to learning and sharing, and BLOGs have made it much easier.

Blog is platform of free-flowing information. It is a canvas for one to share information. It enables people to read about varied interest and to follow people who they admire. So, Start BLOGGING!

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