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Building an online persona

August 26th, 2015 by Vipul Jindal

Antje Pfahl (Senior Manager Merchant Communication & Business Development PAYTM) was the guest speaker for the Personal Branding workshop for day 3. A workshop where we had to introspect, find out who we really are, and figure out how to effectively brand yourself to the world.

The first part involved filling up a highly introspective questionnaire. It was about mentioning 5 most dominating attributes about yourself, our strengths, weaknesses etc., which I felt was to set the introspective mode on for everyone.

During lunch, me and Antje discussed various business ideas I had in mind and her vast experience let to opinions which showed me different angles of feasibility of my ideas from a perspective I could not see otherwise.

Post lunch was about getting your personal mission statement and elevator pitch on paper. Though it seemed to be very difficult at first, none of us would have done it if we were not a part of this workshop. We also had to write our professional obituary. Then Antje showed us social profiles for famous personalities in different fields, and compared them to ours. We built our personal canvases which are stuck on the ASLI room walls for us to see everyday and introspect.

Towards the end of the day, in the feedback session, never satisfied as always, I told Antje I found the workshop to be a little bit generic. It was amazing how well she took the criticism and followed up on it. Meeting Antje was a splendid experience and I look forward to a long-term relationship with her.

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Day 2: On online presence, Social halo of blogs and laptop party

August 18th, 2015 by Vipul Jindal

I am used to an extremely fast paced teaching and learning mechanism. I guess all people related to startups are. As much as I might advocate advantages of learning from opinions by people from different backgrounds and cultures, prolonged debates mulling over the same points do bore me to death. But today turned out to be a different experience altogether.

With my expectations pretty leveled out after day 1, day 2 began with a session by Aditya Dev Sood. He wanted to seed the idea of the importance of an online presence in today’s world. The crux of the event was, how do you consume information, reflect on it, generate your opinions and publish them for an active debate. Sure the activity would benefit both your followers and you, but if the time it requires is cut out from your sleep time, is it still worth it? 1 hour into the debate, I was convinced I don’t want to share mere facts taken out of another post. If I’ll be posting online content, it would be my opinions, and I don’t have the time for it now.

So the fellows are sitting here debating on social media and its importance for 2.5 hours, followed by a session by Shirale(hope the name is right) which seemed to be passing a 1 hour’s time before lunch, but somewhere during the boring chats, it just struck me that even though I might think I don’t have time for this, probably nobody does. If I want to benefit from blogging and social media, I’ll have to and probably should figure out building a valuable online presence myself.

I found the second half to be just a drag where people got familiar with twitter and I really have no idea why it was called a LaptopParty! Well that’s not too important so I won’t say much about it. What was really important is that whatever be level of boredom and slag in the day’s progression, “A new idea got seeded in my mind.” I think this is a huge feat for an institution to accomplish and am looking forward to a lot of learning ahead.

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ASLI PGD in innovation management: What I expected and what it turned out to be.

August 17th, 2015 by Vipul Jindal

Lying down at 12 midnight, being able to sleep at only at 3. Waking up at 5, alarm ringing at 6. I have witnessed such times during my previous startup days. I am an engineer and MBA graduate by education and a restless learner by reputation. I just cannot stand a comfortable and stable life. Along with my day job, I had been trying to consolidate the Indian 3D printing industry into a marketplace. Worked 8 hours in my job, then 6 hours for the startup every day. Doing that for 6 months, after the standard long-distance relationship troubles with co-founders, I exited the startup. A month later, decided to take the plunge, and quit my wonderful job of handling operations as a manager for Tata Steel.

It would be unfair if I say I did not have an idea or a team or backup options when I quit just to make this an inspirational read. Along came Adianta School of leadership and innovation. I checked out their profile. Nascent startup, a few success stories in social entrepreneurship, still taking its baby steps, but with a wonderful management and network of mentors. Being a person who strongly believes in learning by collaboration and collective growth, I decided to join ASLI expecting highly motivated individuals as fellows and inspirational guides as faculty.

Today was the first day, and I feel at home already. The entire eco-system is pretty chilled-out and laid back which is both good and bad. There are a lot of companies and startups working on the same campus with widely varied backgrounds and cultures which is pretty amazing.

So far so good, but being an engineer, I cannot stop quantify my first day experience. I’d say the first day satisfaction level would be 40%. How I quantified this in the next blog post (maybe if readers are interested :P).

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