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Student Success Stories- the cohort that was!

April 1st, 2015 by Tejaswi

The Adianta School has scheduled the farewell ceremony for the 18th of April, along with Investor Day. The evening is supposed to bring together the best ideas from the Startup Tunnel, our in-house incubator, along with product demos and pitches from the students. We’ve had an extraordinary year in terms of the student successes and as a mark of pride and congratulatory sentiment, we’d like to showcase them through this post-


Chaitanya Krishna has been tinkering with several ideas over the past year. His love for solutioneering is evident through his inventions. Some of his work includes prototypes and ideas around the following-

  • Electronic earplug that allow sounds within safe audible limits. Designed for industrial workers and heart patients.
  • Cost-effective solar panels, awaiting utility patent.
  • Mobile touch interface that can avoid glass breakage and provides reduced adverse ergonomic effect characteristic of conventional touch screens.

Kartik Sharma and his co-founder, Pavan Charak, conceptualized 132Connect as a one-stop platform that shares real-time and reliable information about career options for young people. The idea has qualified for the finals of the Ericsson Innovation Awards, 2015. The two are headed to Stockholm in April, for the grand event.


Kirubakaran Reddy has been involved in delivering professional training and coaching through his organization- ExpertsHub, Industry Skill Development Center, which aims at providing experiential and interactive learning solutions through innovative programs through collaborations with facilitators from Industry, research organizations and Top Academic Institutions in the country. The Center has been focusing on scaling up.


Nikhil Bohra has been working on the idea of developing and marketing affordable cattle feed formula to dairy farmers in rural areas, through his venture Cattle Mettle. The highlight is its eco-friendliness as it is made from otherwise unusable plant material. Nikhil, along with his teammates, will be proceeding to compete at the finals of the Global Social Venture Competition at UC Berkeley in April.


Rajib Biswas, who conceptualized Project Papri, hopes to revolutionize volunteer recruitment and management in the social sector through the project. With his thoughtfulness and keen design sense, we see the venture covering much ground in the months to come. It is now in public beta stage and you can sign up for it at You may also follow his writings on


Satya Manoj’s story has been a validation of one of Adianta’s core approach to academic delivery and evaluation. Satya, who also interned with the Startup Tunnel, adopted blogging about learnings and ideas to his professional life and began broadcasting his posts to his LinkedIn network. Soon he received a call from AppLift, a Berlin-based company which provides software-based services to apps for user reengagement and lifetime value optimization. He will begin a 3-month period of training with them in April, and then, will begin working with them full-time to set up and expand their business in the Indian market.


Shashanka Rekulapalli is a UPSC aspirant who is currently awaiting results for the second-level of examinations. In the coming months, he hopes to gain experience in the governance system, and eventually innovate through participation and his idea- Youcentre, a platform for people to find out benefits they are eligible for, from the government.


We are very excited for our soon-to-be alumni to go out into the world with the innovation and leadership skills they have learnt during their time at Adianta, and will continue to keep up with their work. As is tradition, they will remain engaged with the network of Adianta’s friends and mentors, as well as upcoming cohorts.

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