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Sense of Failure vs Sense of oppurtunity

February 3rd, 2015 by Rajib Biswas

workspace4_hires1Last week we had a workshop on failure case analysis in product development module. You must be wondering why a startup should even think negative failures instead of building the product. Being a hustler we always look around the opportunities  surrounding us. We frame the failures in accordance to our product features, rather than  building features in accordance to the failure in the current system.

The question is where are the tools  for analyzing  failure  in your startup toolkit. If you have one you do not  need to read this any further, I wish all the good luck for your team. And if you are not sure what sense of failure I am talking about lets go through this.

This is the fourth time we are designing the interface for project papri. What made us to do this is not change in idea but rather the change in problems. Yes problems do change with time as your interest. The task is to frame the problem rigidly that will not affect the future decision. A sense of failure is necessary to frame the problem rigidly.

Being a founder I shall not think about failure of my idea. It weakens our energy and vision to make the product. At the same time we shall also give the best in our first shot and gradually develop and optimize as necessary. A question to the Indian incubators, and startup accelerators, did we have open source toolkit for failure analysis as we have various startup management online tools.

I will carry forward with my thoughts on this. Meanwhile you can comment on which is more important.

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Myths of child labour in India

November 27th, 2014 by Rajib Biswas

1. Children must work because of poverty.

Poverty, it is not the only reason, or as important as many people may think. Poverty is too often used as an excuse for child labour, while exploitation of children in poverty lures millions of them to hazardous and intolerable forms of child labour. It is a common myth that child labour will never be eliminated until poverty disappears.


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Obituary Writing

October 15th, 2014 by Rajib Biswas

 A typical obituary has five parts: the announcement of the death, biographical information, survivor information, scheduled ceremonies, and contributions. Here is a fictional obituary written by me in a critical  writing workshop by Mr. Namit Arora

Rajib Biswas, died yesterday at the age of 75 due to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome.

In 2014 Rajib along with co-founder Mr XXXXX   founded Prideboard Inc  the first company to build a web platform for offline advertising across pan India. It soon became one of the best offline advertising website.  In early 2031 he stepped down from Prideboard and started working on consumer based product design. (more…)

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A psychopath or an entrepreneur?

October 7th, 2014 by Rajib Biswas

At a recent workshop on critical writing by Namit Arora we had a discussion on how an entrepreneur shows certain trait of a psychopath. It underlines why a psychopathic tendency is good for an entrepreneur or a leader. (more…)

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