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Empathy, Creativity, Rationality- Design Thinking

October 8th, 2015 by Bhavana Chopra

This third blog post comes after a long gap which talks about the workshop on design thinking by Mike Knowles. The subject line of the mailer had already generated a curiosity around this workshop and I was definitely looking forward to it.
The morning of the workshop began with a quick introduction of all of the fellows with Mike Knowles. As the session began to unfold, Mike acquainted us with the different facets of design thinking which were empathy, creativity and rationality. After some discussion rounds on the facets, there was another interesting pottery session. During the pottery session, in which we were given basic pots to work upon, I could actually correlate with the three facets of design thinking. Every time I faced an obstacle I could relate to the intensity of effort which goes into pot making.
Overall, it turned out to be an interactive session. A great business opportunity could be sensed in harnessing the knowledge and experience of skilled but uneducated labour for creating a value proposition in the businesses.

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The platform of social media and laptop party @ Adianta

August 18th, 2015 by Bhavana Chopra

In a world which is actually ruled by social media, I am a person who prefers to keep aloof from this platform. So my day 2 @ Adianta was definitely about doing away with all my inhibitions and convincing myself to be a social bird. The morning which was supposedly to start with a yoga session ended starting with a session by Aditya. He initiated the discussion on the importance of social media platform especially Twitter in today’s professional world. A two hours discussion prompted everyone to put forth their thoughts about the use and misuse of this platform, its reach to the masses and the importance of networking. Over the course of discussions, I could garner how the power of social networking platform can be used to reach the right kind of target audience and express one’s opinions.
From there on Shiralie joined us for a more casual discussion and shared her experiences with the twitter handle of Bihar Innovation Labs. An intense discussion followed on from there with fellows coming with different reasons because of which they weren’t much keen to be on the platform !!
Post lunch was an innovative Laptop party which was to teach the basics of twitter to all the fellows. It was undoubtedly a learning experience for me but boring one for a few ! Within minutes of downloading the Twitter app on my mobile device, I had seven followers! After helping us with the basics of Twitter, Shiralie quickly read through the blogs written by all the fellows on Day 1 and gave her feedback. The day ended with a quick round of interaction with Mohammed Saif from the first batch at Adianta School who talked about his complete journey of Intelaeon right from scratch. So, I dedicate my day 2 @ Adianta to the world of Social media. Hope to get many followers and readers to my blog soon.

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Day 1- An enthralling experience

August 17th, 2015 by Bhavana Chopra

Hola!!! A day which started with apprehensions and nervousness was an enthralling one indeed. A refreshing and beaming morning session by Nita was a go-getter. The session made me feel much more confident about my decision of joining Adianta, a place where innovation and creativity can breathe. The congenial environment drove away all my apprehensions. The fellows were friendly enough and helped me with the issues related to laptop and slack account. Gurleen, Vertika and Kapil were amenable.
For me, Adianta is a platform to express, explore, learn, unlearn and relearn.
During the discussion with Aditya, each of the fellow opened up and talked about themselves, their experiences and the reason of being here.
The Bihar Innovation Labs and The Read Alliance projects are unique and interesting projects working for the benefit of society.
In the post lunch session by Nita, the course structure which would be spread throughout our time at Adianta was discussed. The ‘learning by doing’ approach at Adianta is what makes it different from the others .
The last session before I wrote this blog was with the Start up tunnel incubatees where the team of Amicus and Truelancers shared about their experience and challenges all this while.
Being at The Adianta school, we all would have an opportunity to interact with highly knowledgeable and experienced mentors and faculty. This would definitely be a great learning experience and add value to our existing knowledge base.
Overall, a great start and I look forward to my time over here.

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