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Adianta sessions: Diana Jue on social-impact technology

December 9th, 2014 by Rijo Thomas



The Adianta School welcomes Diana Jue who is a co founder at Essmart in developing technologies for the underprivileged in the rural areas — affordable solar lanterns, nonelectric water filters and other life improving technologies. She was here to share insights on tackling challenges she faced “doing her bit in bringing ‘social-impact’ technology to people who need it.” Click here to glimpse through a detailed account on her insights and experimentation in entrepreneurship. Read on…

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What is the importance of Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)

October 29th, 2014 by Nikhil Bohra

Our next module on “Build your own App” starts this weekend.I along with my cohort fellows are already working on App ideas and are conducting market research studies. At this point of time, the screening of a documentary called “The Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis at Adianta school was a mind opener for me and many alike. After watching this documentary, we have found Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) as one of the most powerful tool for market research. As our work areas are diverse and there is less data available on internet in our respective domains, FGD enables us to conduct the market research at a smaller level and then extrapolate the results on a larger scale.


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Workshop review – ‘How to make an effective presentation’

October 29th, 2014 by Kartik Sharma

.ppt, The file-name extension for a Microsoft Power Point file, has become synonymous with the word Presentation. It is the most widely used tool for sharing concepts, findings, or any other information that can be presented visually.

To create an effective presentation using MS Power point, (more…)

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Professional Obituary :- V.Chaitanya Krishna

October 15th, 2014 by V. Chaitanya Krishna
Professional Obituary:- Chaitanya krishna

The following is my sample professional obituary written during the workshop taught by Mr.Namit arora during critical writing workshop which created  insights of leadership and lot many interesting things. Enabling us to gain knowledge of complete leadership life cycle along with the societal impacts and other factors influencing the leadership throughout the journey of successful leaders with the help of  some amazing videos of speeches by inspiring leaders and about inspiring leaders.

Here is the link of one of the video which was discussed about the biggest mistake a leader can make

Professional Obituary

V.Chaitanya Krishna a renowned businessman who transformed energy industry of Hyderabad born 75 years earlier in 1986 at karimnagar to a middle class family. He is known for his contribution to the Solar energy industry, which abolished lead acid battery banks and stored energy internally was a milestone achieved by him with his two other co founders of Infinity Power Solution.In his early age he started his career as an environmental chemist in a private environmental laboratory and consultancy where he worked for various private and public sector clientele in his tenure. He later joined two companies continuing his journey in the field of Health Safety  and Environment with quick transition from a Chemist to Engineer and then to Manager Key Accounts, serving various public ,private and corporate clientele’s like EIL, VICAT, Birla and Hindustan Coca Cola etc.

After his three years of his domain expertise he has achieved certification’s like IOSH  MS, NEBOSH IGC from respective certification bodies by british safety council. He continued his higher education by accepting the Fellowship awarded by Vihara foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Adianta school of leadership and innovation. During his third year of tenure, he realized his interest in building his own identity by developing products useful in day to day life because of which he left his job and started an energy enterprise at karimnagar which sells inverter’s, batteries and provide solar services.

He built a product prototype based on his observation at his workplace during his site inspection, developed an electronic earplug which would restrict the noise and allows the noise with in permissible limits that can help workmen and heart patients from being vulnerable to loud noises and help them to be connected with the other regular noises without interference. Apart from this he developed two more prototypes during his fellowship related at Adianta to energy conservation. His way of driving the organization along with his cofounder  with passion, transparency, motivation and people management catalyzed his services in delivering the products that makes people’s life easy till. He handovered his ownership to his successors at 65 years of his age and enjoyed his remnant life.

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