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A day that starts with Pearl Jam, ends with Pearl Jam

Ever wondered what it would be to live like Eddie Vedder – wake up in the morning, grab a bottle of beer from the fridge, put on Pearl Jam’s ‘ten’ and by the third track, pick up the guitar and record the tune that’s been playing in the head since last night!!

My second day at Adianta started somewhat like this – just that I din’t get to have that beer and play the guitar!! We started with the CKS sabha post which I sang ‘Last Kiss’ while the rest of the ‘junta’ clapped the rhythm along with me.

There was a session on time management and spreadsheet design by Nita, which was followed by a briefing on the Health Public conference by Akshay. I particularly liked the introduction to BIL – the philosophy and the works.

The day ended with listening to ‘Jeremy’ in the car while driving back home!!

So I won’t be wrong in saying that a day that starts with Pearl Jam, ends with Pearl Jam!!

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